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For The Love Of Bipolar

Rhonda Lee BookFRONTFor years, a family struggles to understand the unstable behavior patterns of a family member. The stress, pain, trauma and uncertainties of dealing with this unknown truth has manifested feelings of isolation, shame, fear, abandonment, and loneliness.  As the truth unfolds, they are faced with other challenges, and somehow try to live through it day by day…

ISBN: 978-0-9823883-9-6






  1. Debra Jones says:

    “For The Love Of Bipolar” was an excellent read!! I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt the passion in which it was written. Continued success & look forward to reading your next publication. May GOD continue to smile upon you.

  2. Hey Rhonda,
    How are you? It was great meeting you at the conference. Hope you enjoyed yourself. I’m so glad we’re keeping in touch. And I hope you enjoy “Hope and Healing.”
    I just shared you on my fb page-Sharon Eisenberg Levine. When I can get on my http://www.Facebook.com/hopeandhealing10. I’ll share you there too.

    Come like me on both and we can keep in touch more easily.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Sharon Levine

  3. Darnell Burrows says:

    I read “For The Love of Bipolar” and it brought so many memories of dealing with that illness. I had endured many of the symptoms “Lauryn” had experienced. I too had caused pain in my relationships brought on by Bipolar. “For The Love of Bipolar” spoke directly to my heart. It made me feel I wasn’t alone in handling this illness. I will treasure this book because it’s like reading about me through the pages of “Lauryn’s mind”. Thank you Rhonda for exposing the truths that’s associated with this mental illness.

  4. Suzanne says:

    Ms. Rhonda:
    You are a true blessing from heaven and your book, “For The Love of Bipolar” will help the world see mental illness through another lens of caring, forgiveness and wholeness. I am going to get it for my students who face this challenge and I know your story will be a blessing too. Keep pushing forward and thank you for sharing your gift of love and healing to many in need.

    Keeping HOPE Alive Always,

    Dr. Suzanne Mynette Mayo, CEO Mynette Management Company & Instructor, Grambling State University

    • Rhonda Lee says:

      Dr. Suzanne,

      You are truly an inspiration! Education and application helps lessen the burden of stigma in helping those who need support from their community. No one is Alone…no one. May your students gain understanding and be a part of changing attitudes.
      Be blessed my dear. Thank you for your support!

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