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Rhonda M. Lee is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and author of her new book, “For the Love of Bipolar“, released on March 25, 2014.  She is a graduate of St. Mary’s Academy, and current employee of the federal government for over 30 years.  Rhonda is a member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and certified to lead and facilitate NAMI Programs Family-to-Family, and Family Support Groups. She volunteers her time for the organization at local and state events throughout the area.
Her inspired hope and desire is to demystify mental illness in a transparent way by serving in urban communities and beyond, to help educate and empower family members in support of their loved ones living with mental health conditions.  She believes open dialogue about mental health will help raise the bar on awareness and impact how we think about it.  It is possible!
Rhonda is married and has two adult sons. She enjoys quiet time, watching sports, traveling, and surviving Life-n-Love.



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  1. Barbara Landry says:

    Your book was a good read. Hopefully it will raise awarness in family members experiencing mental illness with their love ones. You are speaking to your readers , there is help and support. Very we’ll done

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